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How to find suppliers in China

Finding the right supplier in China with whom to start a business partnership can be a challenging task. If you’re looking to internationalize your already established company and find the right supplier for your needs, China may be the market that can meet your needs. However, searching and finding the right supplier in China requires some caution.

1) Identify where your suppliers are located
China has extensive experience in industrial and manufacturing production, and over the years, highly specialized production areas have developed in specific production chains. Usually, the most specialized producers in a certain sector are concentrated in the same geographical area. Locating the specific production area of your sector will help you narrow down your search among the various suppliers you will come into contact with.

2) Select the right contact
It’s important not to contact just a single supplier, so you can explore more than one option and choose the one that really meets your needs in the best way. If online trading is not for you, you can turn to an agency that will help you identify and select trading partners that are right for you. A secure network of contacts will ensure that you find reliable suppliers with whom to sign potential partnerships and avoid commercial fraud.

3) What to check
After identifying plausible Chinese suppliers, it is important to check their level of experience in the market. It is also very important to ask for test samples from the supplier. This will help you understand if they will be able to provide all the necessary documentation for shipping to your country or if you will have to interface with a third party to manage logistics.

4) Check professionalism in person
If communication has gone smoothly so far and the quotes from your potential suppliers satisfy you, this is a good start. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises later on, we recommend organizing a personal visit to their production centers. This way, you can also check the quality of the products with your own eyes. Consider downloading the WeChat app to communicate more easily and directly. Normally, suppliers of the same type are located in the same geographical area; not too far apart, so you can group multiple appointments into a single business trip.

Following visits, you may have identified at least two potential suppliers. If you are unable to go in person, consider contacting an agency like B-L-D Industrial Services that helps you find the most suitable supplier in China and successfully addresses the approach to supplies you will find in this market.

In conclusion, finding a supplier in China requires careful research and consideration. By following these steps and taking advantage of available resources such as agencies or communication apps like WeChat, you can successfully find a reliable supplier that meets your needs.

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