Produzioni da fusioni

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We offer infinite solutions for finished products, here is a selection but can make more. Brass, Aluminium are our main volumes in production.

Our team is always working to improve and accommodate specific requests. Contact us for your needs.



Explore the dynamic world of our production methods, where the harmonious combination of automatic processes for large lots and the artistry of manual production for smaller batches takes center stage. Our seasoned staff, coupled with their extensive management experience, effortlessly navigates projects of any size. Discover the seamless fusion of technology and expertise, ensuring remarkable outcomes across all production scales.


On our plants, behold the captivating image capturing the aluminum die-casting process, where our stringent selection and meticulous control of raw materials shine through. Experience the efficiency of our productive lines, seamlessly transforming these materials into flawless pieces weighing up to 4 Kg. Trust in our commitment to excellence and precise craftsmanship at every stage.


Witness the epitome of forging excellence on our plants, as our meticulously crafted casted pieces undergo 100% quality checks for temperature and dimensions. Experience unparalleled precision and uncompromising quality in every detail.